Reinforced 3 Ply Laminate of Polyester,
Fibreglass Scrim and Aluminium

Suitable for high, medium and low pressure applications

Complies with the fire requirements of BS 476

Suitable for basic air conditioning

Conforms to HVCA specification DW 142

Constructed from top quality materials

A highly flexible aluminium duct made from reinforced 3 ply laminate of polyester, fibreglass scrim and aluminium.

Available in 10 metre lengths in bore sizes from 80mm Dia. to 1000mm Dia. in 50mm increments from stock.

Special sizes and lengths can be manufactured to order.

Application: Basic ventilation, air conditioning.

Foil: 9 µm aluminium + 10%

Film: 12 µm aluminised polyester

Reinforcement: 2 * 2 fibreglass scrim

Weight: 61 g/m2 + 10%

Thickness: 0.17mm + 10%

Temperature: -30°C to + 120°C

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